Use clay as a metaphor to symbolize nature, to change space and spirit. To cover everything!!!

Going around, bringing some values, interacting with peoples, telling story, sharing energy!!


Born in Paris in 1983,

 Painting studio in 1994 until 2001 (Terre de sienne - Paris) 

Globe-trotter impenitent, he then worked in London, Moscow, Istanbul and Hong Kong for almost ten years.

These experiences of  " real opening " to the world, had influenced his tracking and it is now as a plasticien that Gwelm translate his inspiration… mostly from Asia. 


I am always vringing art on the street and question people on what they see in general, to change they habit. Even my last painting and the 3D printing was created to take place on the street, to be seen by everybody. And enjoy the pleasure of just been outside sharing. Now i am sharing clay with people to express themself and captures they emotions.


- In 2002, he has been Invited as a painter for the opening at gallery  » Flam des artistes  » (Paris 7eme) 

- Since 2011, we have to see some of his ephemeral installation poeticized our street in Paris and London,

- May 2014, he exposed " Portrait 2.1 " at the Maison des associations du 7eme ( Paris).

- June 2015, he expose ‘Portrait 2.1’ and is new project ‘Portrait 2.5-elevated printing’ in Modus art Gallery in Paris 4e.

After travelling for a years around Asia to get is inspiration in 2016.

- 26 of november 2016 - Opening exibition of " Organic " in Espace Batignolles ( Paris 17e )

- 2017 - 2018 Series of clay installation in the coworking space he has worked for : Nextdoor Neuilly

He is now going around with is itinerant gallery meeting  peoples and covering everything he can with clay.